Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

back pain in pregnancy

Lower back pain during pregnancy can be frustrating and difficult. The body has undergone so many changes that it sometimes feels like you are dealing with an annoying cold. It seems like there is some part that is always feeling uncomfortable. Sleep is dreadful, especially having to get out of bed. All in all, there comes a point when you just want the baby out!

Not all of the different twinges are uncomfortable. Pregnant mothers tend to love the feel of the baby’s kicks, especially at first. They can become somewhat awkward as the baby gets bigger, but most of the time, the kicks are enjoyed. It is a way to connect with the baby growing inside. However, these kicks can cause lower back pain during pregnancy.

The other reason lower back pain and discomfort is felt is how the body gains weight. When a 125-pound woman puts on 25 to 30 pounds, she is going to feel every pound towards the end. Plus, the center of gravity changes, as more weight is centered in front of the body. This will change how you walk, sit, sleep, and everything else you do in life. Because of this discomfort, there are some things you can do to ease the lower back pain during pregnancy.

The main thing is to start doing several exercises that will help relieve some of the pain. This also helps strengthen the core muscles, relieving some of the back strain. It will also help to do some moderate exercise, especially if you did it prior to pregnancy. You just have to be careful not to do too much, especially as the weight continues to shift. Another idea is to walk correctly, keeping the shoulders back and the hips aligned under the feet. Another perfect solution for back pain is using only the best pregnancy body pillow available in the market.

If you are standing for a period of time, try to shift the weight back and forth from foot to foot. When you are sitting, you need to keep the lower back supported and the feet on the ground. If you follow these techniques, you can ease some of the lower back pain during pregnancy. If you want to look good and feel great, then you should take a look at Pregnancy Without Pounds books. It will help you to stop gaining unnecessary pregnancy weight and get through pregnancy feeling fit, toned and healthy.

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