Becoming a Tennis Warrior

What’s A Tennis Warrior?

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Tennis warriors are the most feared and dominant players in 2.5 to 4.5 level league, recreational and tournament play. They make you work very hard to win a point. Yikes!! They have a fantastic ability to keep the ball in play and consequently, make few unforced errors. Sorry newbies!

Tennis warriors have great success even in the 5.0 to 7.0 playing levels but at those levels “tennis executioners”, players with huge, more advance weapons, also enjoy much success.

Most players are intimidated when they learn they are scheduled to play against a warrior, this is specially true for beginners. They say to themselves “This person gets everything back – I am going to have to play great tennis, every point, if I’m going to have a chance to beat them.”

Every player should learn to play like a warrior so that if your “A” game is not working on a
particular day you can switch to “warrior mode” and possibly salvage the match.

The Lob – how important is it?

Developing the ability to play “warrior tennis” begins with learning the lob. The four reasons
Tennis Warriors strive to master the lob are:

1. Lobs clear the net by many feet helping the warrior achieve their primary objective – consistency.

2. Opponents like balls that are hit with some pace and bounce between waist and shoulder height, so Warriors hit many lobs that have little pace and bounce over their opponent’s head.

3. For most players one of the hardest shots to return is a high deep shot to their backhand. Warriors hit lobs deep to their opponent’s backhand at every opportunity.

4. The lob can get you out of trouble. If you hit a lob when your opponent makes you run wide for a shot you’ll have time to recover to a good court position – effectively neutralizing the point. Practice returning hard shots with lobs, hitting lobs while on the run, and returning lobs with lobs.

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The next time you’re in trouble in a match switch to “warrior mode” and see if you can turn things around. Your Warrior Rating is the average number of shots a player needs to hit to win a point against you.

How to know my rating?

To determine your rating, have a friend watch you play a match against someone who can beat you. The friend counts the number of shots your opponent has to hit in the points they win.

For example, if your opponent serves and you miss the return, your opponent only needed to hit one shot to beat you. Disregard all points that you win. Keep playing until your opponent has won 10 points. Add up the number of shots they needed to hit to win each of the 10 points, and then divide by 10.

This gives you the average number of shots a player needs to hit to beat you, which is your Warrior Rating.

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Warrior Rating Description

  • .5 to 1.9 – Improving your consistency should be your primary goal.
  • 2.0 to 2.7 – You are fairly tough to beat, but you’re still making too many unforced errors.
  • 2.8 to 3.5 – Players with 2.8 to 3.5 Warrior Ratings win 80+% of the matches at their playing level and their consistency intimidates opponents and most players consider them warriors.
  • 3.6+ – If your Warrior Rating is 3.6+ and you can play at that level for three sets, you will dominate play at your level – you are a WARRIOR.


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